emerged out of a need in the Cannabis industry for a way to find, learn about and review CBD products. 

Until now, anyone interested in exploring this fast-growing industry has been forced to go down the overwhelming rabbit hole of Internet searches, product labels and straight trial & error. Likewise,  Cannabis businesses trying to reach new customers have been limited by a lack of exposure and a reliance on grassroots education. 

At our goal is to make buying Cannabis products and services simple, clear, and trustworthy so that you can start reaping the benefits of these amazing products…and then help others do the same. 

Find, Use and Review all things cannabis.

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David Lal

David Lal - CEO / Founder

David has been the Founder/CEO of various companies across several industries for nearly 30 years.

He has founded several CBD and Cannabis training companies. He continues to mentor entrepreneurs starting and operating their businesses within and outside the CBD/Cannabis industries.

Chris Whitmore - National Sales Director

Chris is a dedicated marketing and sales professional with over 25 years of experience  leading sales teams across diverse industries.

Chris recently served as sales director for a large industrial products company.   

Dennis Goodman - National Account Executive

Dennis was born on the island of Guam but was raised in New York. He now resides in New England.

With ten years of sales experience and over twenty five years in the restaurant industry, his priority and focus is customer satisfaction by providing the best value and experience .

Renée Bailey- National Account Executive

Gifted with the innate ability to connect with others, Renée is a highly creative sales executive, business consultant and marketing expert. She has an insatiable thirst for innovation, brand exposure, revenue growth, sales and marketing solutions. As a serial entrepreneur with experience spanning a variety of industries, she not only has an understanding of the principles of business but possesses an excitement in building brand and service awareness and increasing exposure.
Sarah Mindlin

Sarah Mindlin - Media Director

Sarah has led the marketing content creation, copywriting direction and brand strategy for companies and products across a broad range of industries. She takes a focused, hands-on approach to media direction and enjoys developing fresh, original content that brings a unique voice to her campaigns. When not spreading the word on Cannabis products you’ll find Sarah in NYC…the original home of blunt talking. 

Skye Isabella Rose Iwanski – Editorial Director

Skye is a graduate of Bemidji State University with a BFA in Creative and Professional Writing. She is passionate about storytelling and environmental sustainability and enjoys reading, writing, learning, playing D&D, and crafting.
Mark Slater

Mark Slater - Marketing Director

With over 15 years in design and advertising, Mark brings his talents to Bluntalker. He is excited to help bring more recognition to the cannabis businesses and success stories.

Gigi Ellis

Gigi Ellis - Director of Client Services

Gigi has successfully managed client relationships as a principal in several companies and managed teams in finance and real estate. Gigi lives in San Francisco and enjoys traveling and visiting new places around the world.

Eric Drasati - Web Developer

Eric has been designing and developing websites for over 23 years. He specializes in WordPress, WooCommerce, PHP, MySQL, HTML5 and CSS3.

When Eric is not designing websites, he enjoys spending time with his wife and dog. You will always find him studying up on all of the latest technology trends.